problem with .rib export script

im trying to get the .rib export script to work.


$Author: jan $

$Date: 2000/12/07 14:22:45 $

$RCSfile:,v $

$Revision: 1.8 $

(version and author)
everytime i run it, blender highlites the second to last line, which says

scene = Blender.getCurrentScene()

and the console says
‘module’ object has no attribute ‘getCurrentScene’

how can i get this script to work, or is there a newer version?
thanks alot

well try:
scene = Blender.Scene.getCurrent()

like the api says.

That’s a really old script and I don’t think there’s any reason trying to adapt it to the current API.

If you want to go the Python way, check out BlenderMan.

If on the other hand, you would prefer an integrated solution, search the Aqsis’ forums for a link to the experimental version of Tuhopuu that has integrated RenderMan export (but be warned that the implementation is still in a very early stage).

Hope this helps.