Problem with Rig not animating

I don’t know if anyone has ever had this problem before but I have experienced a problem when animating. I had already animated my character walking and it was working and it looked great -which has a IK rig but for some reason now it is not working. When I try to animate it or put a keyframe in it doesn’t move into the position I put it, even though there is a keyframe there.

Any help would be appreciated!


you may have to post a file or at the very least a screen capture of the behavior…

Okay, here is a screenshot:

hummmm… I tell anything from the pic… post a file so I can look at it and see what is going on…

I think I figured out the problem!

thank you sooooo much!

Please tell what was up… when you get the time to do so…

Okay, I will

I think it was just something with the weight? or actually probably just the keyframes… I am not sure.