Problem with Rigged character?

I made a thread a while ago, I have gotten the character rigged by Automatic Weights, ill try the others but don’t think it will work.
This is what i’m working on if anyone wants to take a look and maybe see for them selves what might work.


MaleStructure.blend (693 KB)

If you select your Main mesh, and look at the deform panel, you will see you have three armatures set to deform the mesh – and you only have one armature in the scene. You also have several meshes listed in properties that don’t seem to exist in your scene.

Probably these are residue from deleting armatures and starting over. I have noticed that Blender sometime gets confused with that.

Also the armatures are set to bind to both vertex groups and envelopes – probably not what you want.

You also had (literally) 100 vertex groups.

I deleted everything, un-parented your mesh, and redid the parent.

Everything seems fine now.

EDIT: Although you need to redo this with better names. Bone.001, bone.002, etc won’t be a good rig moving forward… also, would suggest editing your bone’s axis position. You probably want to roll the bone so the facing edge of the bone matches the orientation of your model’s arm. (Watch the big buck bunny rigging tutorial for an example of why this is important).



MaleStructure.blend (572 KB)

oh ok may be have been from the mesh that i downloaded. I actually got the mesh off a site and have been messing with it for a few days trying to learn how it all works and such, ill have a look at the new and the old and compare it. And thanks btw! I have a lot more to learn lol…

Thanks for sharing.

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Well, it was in the playing with it that it got messed up. Whether that happened while you were experimenting, or it happened before the mesh was donated, I can’t say.

But in general, keep your eye on the modifiers panel and the vertexes… they can get seriously confused when you do a lot of deleting and re-adding…

PS: If that is not your mesh, and it was not released to the public, let me know and I will take down my blend file. We don’t want to give away someone else’s work without their permission.

it was a donated mesh .obj from a site i was looking on, i just felt like messing with skeletal structures before i get to doing meshes. Anyone can use, thought i won’t take credit for making the mesh. orginal name is also MaleStructure.obj i imported it into blender, i can’t remember exactly where i found it, searched: male human meshes, in google.
I just realised that 3 more meshes were in it for the eyes and the mouthing(teeth) I notice they’re gone in the one you uploaded. Anyway to keep the other three in it without taking them out?

I’ll mess with it a bit more.

Sure. I deleted things pretty agressively when I saw all of the duplicates… so I must have inadverently deleted them.

You can get them back by doing a file-> append. Choose your original blend file and go to the objects. Select the meshes I deleted. They all have generic names, so you might want to start by going into the original blend file and renaming them to something like Eye.L, eye,R, etc, so you can find them more easily when you do the append.

All right lol you are a aggresive deleter :stuck_out_tongue: lol… i did it thanks :slight_smile: