Problem with rigging rope

I’ve got this animation with a machine going up a rope, and used a curve modifier to bend the rope as it goes through the machine. Now, I want to make the rope dangling off the edge of a cliff, how do I rig it so the machine goes up the cliff edge and lands on the flat top, while the rope is tightly anchored to a bolt on the top of said cliff?

I tried adding a second curve modifier to make the rope lay over the cliff but as soon as the machine and it’s curve modifier approaches it interacts badly with the clifftop curve modifier.

Any ideas?

I read this a couple times and I’m just just not visualizing what you’re going for. However I feel that the answer will be pretty easy, show a screenshot or at least a little diagram.

Sorry for being so late about this, I have been experimenting a lot and figured a beveled curve would yield the best result. The only problem is that I want the curve to be attached to the hook object as it goes up and stops on the cliff. It should also bend and hang off the edge like a very long rope should. Softbody hasn’t worked yet, but a beveled rope would be ideal since I don’t want the rope to change in thickness. Check the attached file, I would love any sort of suggestions.

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