Problem with rigging

Hi everyone!
Im rigging a Character now. But I have a Problem: When I try to Rotate his arms Like this, itdoesnt look well:
Or his hand:
Can anyone help me?

welcome to the wonderfull world of rigging. sorry, this is to diverse a subject to give you a 5 step answer. it’s a trial and error thing, and once you’re accustomed to it, it’ll go better and better every time.

hint, search anatomy and study other (realistic) rigs.

Experience really is the only answer. You’ll need to have a combination of the right bones in the right places with the right weight painting.

I suggest you spend some time over at tolobán’s site.

Hope this helps.

Ok. But cant I use shape keys?

Er, why not?


hey ghost train, your avatar, is that something you modeled and rigged by the way? Cause it looks cool.

Agree with Duoas