Problem with rotate manipulator ?


i have some trouble with grabbing the rotate widgets. Example: When i try to grab the z rotator the y rotator get’s selected.
For me it looks like that this is soemhow dependent of the view. If the x,y rotator are nearer to the view i can select them. And sometimes i have to click on a specific part of the rotator to get it selected. Moving around the view and trying to grab the correct rotator is really annoying. :frowning:

Is this the normal behaviour or a bug or just another problem with the ATI drivers?

Windows Vista 32bit Home Premium
ATI 4670 512MB, 9.1 Catalyst Drivers


I have an ATI Radeon 3850 that works fine… I fired up the rotation widget and it worked fine for me… personally, I never use the widget. I use the keyboard hot-keys “R” to enter into rotate, and the x,y,z to constrict axis.