problem with rotation

I am not sure if it is me, something I have done wrong or a bug, I presume it is one of the first two options.:o:o But, I rigged a character, everything worked fine, but when I reopened the file, I could no longer use rotate, either with the short cut keys or widgets.

Any ideas what I’ve done wrong? I can’t work with it like it is.Amarture, objects everything won’t rotate anymore…

is it just for this file or even a brand new blend file too

your file (or blender) may be corrupted

If it is all files - try to reinstall blender (don’t delete your file thou)

If it is just the file - try to start a fresh file and append the stuff you need (that’s the only way I can think of fixing it)

Check the rotations lock of your armature and your mesh. Might be that it got turned on by accident.

Thanks Musk and waylow I will try your suggestions, but I have been fiddling with it and even the move command has gone nuts… I will try to append it into a new blend file, but if that fails, I will reinstall. Thanks a lot for your help! This community is the best!:smiley:

Did you accidentally turn on “move object centers only”?