Problem with running Blender on Manjaro

It’s a problem that so far no one couldn’t help me with. I tried Manjaro forums but with no luck. Maybe someone here will have some good ideas what to do.

I was using Blender 2.80 beta from AUR package (bin version) and latest version from Blender download page without any problems. When I noticed that pacman had the release candidate I installed it and after running it I received that error:

blender: symbol lookup error: blender: undefined symbol: ZN7Alembic3Abc3v117OObject14getChildHeaderERKNSt7 _cxx1112basic_stringIcSt11char_traitsIcESaIcEEE

This is exactly the same error I’ve got when I tried to run 2.79 version from pacman so it looks like there is something wrong with the package. Error points Alembic, but I have a newest version.

I found similar problem here but it was an old one and fixed long time ago, on Arch side.

Is it a problem only on my side or is it global? Can anyone who has Manjaro reproduce it?


Any reason why you don’t want to continue using official Blender?
Blender developers always recommend using official builds.

The whole point of using Manjaro (and Arch) package manager is not worrying with downloading a newest version of an app with every new release. Pacman has the latest version anyway. It just doesn’t work. I mentioned downloaded version from a to point out that everything works just fine there.

Well if you don’t want to download and entire new version each time you can always try to compile Blender yourself, and then it will just update the deltas when you want. Haven’t had luck on Manjaro, but did on Mint. I am running Manjaro, and I still wouldn’t use Blender from the repos or AUR just to keep up to date, if it is able. The most reliable way to do this, once again, is to compile your own version, and then you can stay up to date with what the developers use, in which things are updated every few minutes to hours, I don’t think you want to be that up to date. Plus I have had broken Blender versions this way as well. I would rather just have stable, working Blender releases to work with, and not download a broken Blender and have to wait a few hours or a day for a fix. I just want to keep working if I have the chance.

Bottom line; you have a version that works and one that doesn’t, which one do you want to work with? Which resource can you rely on more? I my case, I like to work. There are other apps that I use that I keep on still and stable releases in Manjaro as well, just so I know it will work.

I want to work with stable and tested version that is compatible with Manjaro, and that version is one with pacman. I don’t have a problem with using Blender, I don’t have a problem with downloading it from other sources, I have a problem with pacman and my question was about that and only about that.

You should report the problem in Manjaro bug tracker. The problem would seem to be something related to the build/package, or problems with dependency versions.

As I said so far no one couldn’t help me with that. Including people on Manjaro forum, and to Your (and also my) surprise, Manjaro doesn’t have bug trucker. That is why I’m asking wherever I can. Maybe someone have a solution for that problem.

Oh, I see.

As far as I can tell, Manjaro is getting the builds from the arch repositories, which may be compiling their own, as I had suggested you could do. I personally don’t install Blender on any system and use the self extracting archive. However, perhaps you could ask the maintainer Sven-Hendrik Haase about the issue. As of last look, the last package that was built is already out of date as of yesterday. It’s worth a shot.

As a Manjaro user I’m an “infidel” and not welcomed in Arch community, otherwise I would go there in the first place.

Unfortunately this is true, and compiling doesn’t seem to work as well as on other distros, since Manjaro uses newer releases of libraries, and Blender relies on some older stuff, for example, Blender looks for openimageio 1.8 but Manjaro has openimageio 2.0 and I can’t find an older version, I wounder if this is what is going on here. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Here’s a closed recent Arch linux bug report on Blender of a person with a similar problem. The reporter seems to have multiple Alembic versions, one in /usr/lib (official), one in /opt. Blender tries to use the unofficial one in /opt and chokes.

Make sure you have only one Alembic version and only that version Blender is compiled against. Maybe there’s some leftover stuff from your AUR Blender versions, check their PKGBUILDS for anything suspicious.

Edit: and here’s a recent Arch Linux forum thread that you might want to keep an eye on.

You are no infidel, it’s just that Arch Linux users don’t know what Manjaro does differently and decided to not try to support a different distro. Please respect that, they are all volunteers.


@Eleuth This is the solution, I’ve had this problem couple of times. Can’t find out why it’s happening randomly.

Only difference is that I’m building Blender myself and not using Manjaro :wink:

Look here also:

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It solved the problem. I don’t know why I didn’t think about uninstalling Alembic manually and installing Blender again (with Alembic in it). It worked. It looked like a complicated problem but solution was so simple. Thank You.

PS. I also had to manually delete old Alembic library from /opt/lib, which was a remnant from AUR package.

You’re welcome, glad it’s working! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that. I just renamed the old and drag and dropped the new in the location needed. Worked awesome.