Problem with S and R not working.

Cannot scale or rotate any object. This is in single *.blend file. Works okay in others.

What happens instead is I get black 2-way arrows at the curser and a black dotted line to the selected object’s origin. LMB does nothing and those just go away. It happens this way regardless of whether I am trying the S or R keys or toggling the Orientation markers for the object itself. It is so for every object.

G works okay, however.

I can, however, scale and rotate by clicking into the properties panel of the very same 3D View window.

Most frustrating. Am using 2.56a Beta. Objects are not locked. Assuming I accidentally activated some obscure “feature” for this file only.

Start another blend file and append objects from the one with the trouble. Append the objects and see what happens, then append the lamps, cameras,…

Most likely you enabled “Manipulate Object Centers Only”. A button that is easy to hit. Right between the Pivot Center drop down and the 3D Manipulator button along the menu bar. (has a double arrow with 3 dots above it)

Yup, that was it. Now I also know what that thingie is for. Thanks a lot!

I know my membership in this forum dates from 2006, when I tried to teach myself Blender 2.3. Built the gingerbread man and made him walk. But I got flustered with all the other strange things that happened with the panels and windows and couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

Starting over with a new book, Blender Foundations, which is going okay so far. Thanks again.

Welcome back and better luck this time around. :slight_smile:

Yeah i was once stuck with that issue too. Now we know better :slight_smile: