Problem with saving the runtime of my new project

hello! I’m new on BlenderArtists and nice to see such a whole community collaborate for the better knowledge of using blender… back to the point , I was making a 3D game with blenders, everythings went fine the framerate stay below the 30 fps dont seems to have anythings wrong… but when I tried to save it to runtime… it saved alright, but even with all the .dll file needed when I start the .exe file it crashes! When I play on i with blender there’s no problem! whats wrong could someone help me out?:eek:
here’s a short video (as you will see its wayyyy not done yet)

Hey Mico… welcome… I’m a noob myself but I’ve messed around with the game engine a bit. Is your game crashing on the comp with Blender that you made the game on or another comp altogether? I found out that you have to “pack” all of the graphics files to be able to transfer your game to another PC. Not sure if this is your problem but I’d thought I’d try to help out. GL to ya!

Ialready packed all the graphics coz if I dont the texture wont show when starting the game on blender nd when I tryed he .exe file t was on the same cpu, and thx for the reply :wink:

I’ll continue feeding back about my project and once its done, if the saving runtime dont work I would Be SOOO Happy if there were someone who I could send the .blend file and if he can see what to do with it. Of course when using blender the game works perfectly its just when it comes in .exe file that there’s a problem, thx for replying :spin:

No probleme!!! probem solved!!! YEEEEEHA!