Problem with script menu

i recently seem to be having a problem where only a handful of my python scripts show up in script menu. i press the update button and it doesn’t help at all… most if not all of the python scripts i have are properly labeled for a group. i just hate going to the test editor to run a script all the time can any one help?

using blender2.41
python2.4.3(thought this would help but didn’t)

Start blender from the command line with the -d option.
Now when you to the Script->Update, it will give you interesting messages like where it is looking for scripts and if there are any problems with them.

Duplicate script name cause problems. Also, there was a bug where the parser would stop looking for scripts after an error, but I believe it got fixed.

that doesnt seem to work
i cant seem to load blender from the command line

Goto Start >> Run. In the popup “Browse” to your Blender folder and select the Blender icon and it’ll load the file path. Add -d to that and Blender will fire up with this in the console

Blender V 2.40
argv[0] = C:\Program Files\Blender\blender.exe
argv[1] = -d
Using Python version 2.4
Color depth r 8 g 8 b 8
Aux buffers: 0
Registering scripts in Blender menus …
Getting menu data for scripts from dir(s):
default: C:\Program Files\Blender.blender\scripts
user defined: /Documents and Settings\YourFile\Application Data\Blender Foundation
BPyMenus error: max depth reached traversing dir tree.
User defined scripts dir does not seem valid.
Color depth r 8 g 8 b 8
Aux buffers: 0

Your file paths and folders may be different depending on where you installed Blender.


fligh that worked to open blender(thanks) and i got the samething you posted and no update for my script list.

Then what Stiv said. Update Menus runs till it finds a bum !BPY header or a duplicate and it stops.


make sure your scripts are in a directory that shows up in the debug output. If you got the same output as Fligh you are getting errors.

Duplicate script names will generate errors msgs.

i am just going to enter them all in by hand into the Bpymenus file, its less of a headache