Problem with seams in object mode

I’m new in blender and got a problem with seams. I have made a low-polygon game character and textured it. I’ve run into a problem with seams only when looking the model from distance in object mode.
The first image is taken in object mode looking at closer look. Note that there is no seams seen in the picture.

If I scroll out from model the seams are appearing. It happens only in object mode. (Look at the head)

I hope you can see that from the image because I wasn’t able to get very clear picture.
When looking the model in uv painting mode, there isn’t any problem with seams.

I’ve tried to use the same character with Unity and there the seams are also seen.
Don’t know what is the problem, because even if I handpaint directly on model the seams still appear.
My texture maps are Colour map and normal map with size 1024x1024.

Please help me to fix.

Thank you!

The problem seems to be only with Blender 2.64. I’ve never had something with 2.63.

In your texture image ensure that you haven’t painted just up to your seams. You need a good painted margin as well

My textures are made using baked Ambient occlusion from H-Poly model. Should I but higher margin value under baking options?

I combined my colour map with UV layout and made this image. Isn’t that margin “OK” in that image?

Well, I think I have solved my problem thanks to you. I re-baked all my textures with higher margin value and that solved the problem.
Thank you so much!