Problem with seams in paintmode


I have the problem that when I want to paint in the uvmap window with paint, I get
all these seams together, it would not be when I used save uvmap layout I guess, but
to do it quickly it is not so easy. Everything that has been unwrapped is then visible
like a seam.

Thankyou for any answer.



Oh gosh, I think you should redo your UV map. Liek srsly. But I’m not sure why there are those seams there, they aren’t visible in texture paint mode for me. :confused:


Thanks for the answer, though I think I can not figure out how to redo the uv maps, can
you also give me a hint?


Bart and the next three pages after that.

Oke, I see, I everytime have to use a new UV texture in the list from the editor, I don’t
know if I do it all again, but it looks better of course.