Problem with select/deselect feature

So i trying to select a box hold SHIFT + LMB and select other boxes and everything works well!
But… When i trying to deselect one of the boxes its not giving me.
I try SHIFT+CRTL / SHIFT + ALT and nothing happen.
Can somebody Help me with my little issue?

Middle mouse button deselects.

Middle mouse… Yes, if C- select is used.

Shift-Rigt click selects and toggles selection, however that goes via Active Object state therefore it needs one more click in some cases.

Thank you very much!

Sorry but what happen if i select item using only SHIFT + LMB?
How i deselect than?

For me Shift +LMB does nothing for selection. Ctrl + LMB is Lasso select mode, Ctrl + Shift + LMB - lasso deselect,
Anyhow - - here it’s all in written form ;).

Happy blending!