Problem with selecting

I’m new to Blender and brand new to the forum. I’m trying to select on vertices to edit. I’ve switched from edit to object back, then to sculpt. I’ve played around with settings and such. But I’ve got three objects joined in a group and it is highlighted in green. I can’t seem to get away from the green highlight (All the editing tutorials I’ve seen don’t have highlighted objects). What am I doing wrong?

If its green it means you’ve added it to a group. To ungroup select the objects and use Ctrl+Alt+G for blender 2.5beta or Ctrl+G / remove from Group for blender 2.49. Even though it’s green you should still be able to select edit mode from the 3d view header.

Thanks a bunch I’ll try after class. :wink:

Welcome to Blender and BA.

Your objects are green to indicate that you’ve put them in a group. Groups are merely logical/virtual arrangements that let you select or append several objects at once.

Each one can still be edited if you select it individually.

Edit: Yeah, what Richard said!