Problem with separating the letters in text and object origins.

Hey there! I’m not positive if this is where it belongs, be here it goes. So basically, I used Blenders Text with a 8-bit font I have to make 8-bit 3D text. I transformed them into meshes. Then I went into edit mode and separated each letter from the object, then set each letter with it’s own origin. The problem is, when I try to animate it, all of the letters group to the origin that the set of letters had. Looking back I could have used the “each letter as a individual object” option, but I’d rather not go back and do that. So if there is any way to fix this, please help me, thank you.

I’m not certain I completely understand your question, but unless each object you want to manipulate as an individual is created or changed to an individual object, by selecting parts of an object (basically vertex groups) you are only just selecting part of a larger object. For anything to be an individual object it has to be designated as such. Hotkey ‘P’ will allow you to create new objects from selected.

Ah. Basicly even though you moved the origins for the letters, when you go to animate it still has a keyframe set to the origin of the inital object I suspect. So all the letter move to that location.

To fix… hmm. either delete the bad keyframe (I suspect its frame 1) or rekeyframe the starting position of each letter now that you have them separated