Problem with setting up Sketchbook thumbnail

Hi guys. Like it says in the title. Specifically, I made a sketchbook topic for my doodles and I’ve put in a second post, but the thumbnail doesn’t update. I’ve seen people having the thumbnail form a recent post in their sketchbooks used for the topic. I would be grateful for any help.

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I was wondering this, too.
I found the answer here:

ctrl+f thumbnail for the answer.

P.S. .exr pics or YouTube vids won’t show as the post’s thumbnail. I used a png pic.
Hope this helps!

YouTube should work, I believe.

Is there a trick to it? Or do I gotta wait some time before it shows up? Cuz my youtube vid’s thumbnail didn’t show up for my post.

What’s the link? It shouldn’t take more than a minute, at most.

Here’s the post:

At first, the thumbnail didn’t show up even though the youtube link was there.
So I found this thread, and then uploaded a pic to my post. The thumbnail started showing up.
I just removed this pic, and the thumbnail’s still there. So i guess next time I’ll just wait a few minutes?

I see the thumbnail in your portfolio, so this is working as expected. YouTube images should be pulled automatically, but they’re a low-priority task. If the site is busy, it may take a little while longer.