Problem with shading after joining objects

OK, I have no idea what the hell is going on here. Maybe someone with a bit more Blender experience will be able to shed some light on this issue.

I have a model that is comprised of several objects (the annoying result of importing a model from WoW Model Viewer). In order to work with this model, I need to join all the constituent parts into one mesh. Fine, no problem there - I join the feet, legs, arms, chest, etc and my character mesh is one object.

Here’s where the issue arises. The shading properties for almost every object are locked after I join them into one, so I can’t modify specularity, diffusion, shadows, etc. The only part of my character that gets modified is whichever object was selected last when I joined the feet, legs, arms chest, etc together. Mind you, the mesh is now one object, but the shading buttons and sliders now modify only the last “pre-joined” area of my character.

I realize this may be confusing, so I will spell it out using an ordered example. Although, if it’s clear to you and you understand the problem I’m having, feel free to skip the bullet points below

I import my character, whose parts are comprised of distinct mesh objects;
I select each of the objects - feet, legs, waist, arms, etc - and join them into one object;
The last object I selected before joining them is the head;
Character is now one mesh object;
Now I want to adjust the Specularity of my object;
When I use the Specularity Slider, the only part of my character that is affected is the head;
This makes me unhappy.

So that’s pretty much the issue. Any ideas on what’s going on here?

So after all that, what version of blender are you using ?
Your joined object has multiple materials inherited form the initial unjoined objects.
Do you want just one colour or multiple colours for your object?
Do you want it textured or just use basic materials.

Heh, heh. Sorry. 2.49.

I have a texture that I’m applying as well. That’s actually part of the issue. If I apply the texture to each individual object before joining them, then I it all renders just fine (but then, of course, I still have the shading issue mentioned above). But if I join them first and then apply the texture, then it only renders the texture on the last object selected before joining, in the manner described above.

Thanks for replying so quickly, btw!

Start by deleting all the materials your object has. In the attached image there are 6 materials, you would press delete to remove them.
Then add a single material which you can then add the texture to. with one material, any changes to spec etc would apply to the whole object.


Great, it worked!. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with this.