Problem with shading/coloring when dealing with points in 3.3

Relevant video/screenshots attached in, very new to geometry nodes - been banging my head against the wall for hours and hours trying to make the color scheme in this animation not be so messed up for lack of a better term. Any help would greatly be appreciated. (video of animation)

What seems to be the issue? I’m not sure I understand what the the question is.

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Yeah sorry I’m struggling to articulate - but if you watch the animation the way that the textures color scheme is effected by the noise animation is very unnatural and jarring and I’m struggling to understand where along my chain that needs to be fixed.

If the problem is about the color scheme you can use a color ramp after the voronoi in the shader and make a custom colored gradient.

If that doesn’t solve it make a quick photoshop paint over so we can see better what you have in mind.

Last post was formatted strange - retyping it here - >

So I’m not sure if you checked out the animation via the dropbox link, but I think that illuminates what I’m talking about clearly… it feels likehere’s something strange happening with how the points function with the uv mapping or something? Again my apologies I’m trying to articulate this clearly.

Its because points move in generated coordinates space (that shader noise texture use by default
) that’s why you have that jittery effect.

If you want noise texture to “stick” to the moving points, you can store position attribute before animation and use it as noises coordinates


Thanks so much for the reply - I’m going to try this now. May I ask why the attribute vector is plugged into both the Voronoi and the Noise ?

So noise texture doesn’t change when points move

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Okay great- thanks so much for your help. If I were to add anything else to the shader I assume I would have to plug the attribute into it?