Problem with shadow faces? [solved]

I can’t post a pic because the SixMonkeys server refuses to host it for whatever reason, so I’ll just try to explain the problem the best I can.

I’ve created a character model with a 17-vertex oval shadow placed 0.005 units above the object center. The shadow is vertex-grouped to the “base” bone (which never moves) and all shadow faces are set to shadow. When I run the game, the shadow appears edge-on to the camera, rotated around its median point.

This was all done in 2.41. I used an older, working model from 2.34 and it worked properly. I went into 2.37a with the new model and the same result occured.

Anyone have any help?

what if you put the shadow in another mesh object that’s a child of the armature but not deformed by it?

Hmm…that solution worked. Still odd how it didn’t work before, though…