Problem with shadows.

I went and did a test render of an object to see how it was looking and noticed and odd problem with the shadows that I can’t figure out.

The main object casts no shadow while the details on the object don’t cast shadows on it. the shadows pass through the object and are cast onto the floor. :frowning:

It just started doing this all of a sudden. I’ve tried changing the lighting moving cameras and playing with rendering options but can’t seem to fix it.

Found another problem >.< when I assign a material to an object it doesn’t render the material. It only renders the textures applied via UV map.

Fixed the shadow problem. somehow I hit a key and turned on the no shadow feature of all my lights >.<

Perhaps you changed the light to a type of light that doesn’t cast shadows. Or, perhaps you flipped to “Buffered shadows” but are using lights that only support “ray-traced shadows.”

There are settings which determine whether an object “casts shadows,” and separate ones that control whether an object “receives shadows that are cast upon it.”

I suggest that you review the Wiki page on shadows, next.

Remember: “computer graphics is not constrained by the paltry limitations of physical reality.”

Thanks for the input sundialsvc4.