Problem with Shape Keys

Hi everyone! I am having some problem with Shape Keys.

I’ve created a character and some Shape Keys for facial expressions. At first they were working fine, but after configuring shaders and an outline, they start bugging.

They seem perfectly fine in Edit Mode, but when I switch to Object Mode, they look different, like their value’s aren’t at max.

I’ve already tried to delete them and redo, but it still happens!

Edit Mode:

Object Mode:

DanModel.blend (4.5 MB)

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You have turned on corrective smooth. If you turn it off, your shape keys will work. You need to define a vertex group for what you want to smooth and exclude where your shape keys are. (for example the eyes) if that is your only one. Otherwise, you have told Blender to smooth your deformations made with the shape keys.

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It didn’t cross my mind that corrective smooth was affecting Shape Keys.

Used vertex groups to avoid it, thanks a lot!

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