Problem with shift+0 camera align. Object aligns to camera view.

Mega problem with shift+0 camera align. Object aligns to camera view when pressing or selecting camera view. It all started when I presses ctrl+0. Any help how to turn it off?

Edit: If I erased the object that the camera always align to. The problem disappeared. I’ve must done something that connected the camera and the object. I wish I knew what that was.

AFAIK Ctrl-0 will turn the selected object into a camera. This could be a mesh or lamp object as opposed to an actual camera. I quick test shows that if you then delete the object the active camera resets to the real camera. Instead of deleting the object, you can just select the camera again and press Ctrl-0.

Thank you so much. It really explained that behavior.

No problem, it seems that Ctrl-0 gets all of us sooner or later. One thing I just found, if you press Alt-0, it effectively cancels the Ctrl-0. However, I do not see Alt-0 listed on the wiki.