problem with simple animation XD

hi there ^^ i can’t animate a simple scene :frowning: i started with the default cube, enter in edit mode and apply a key with " I " then locrot ( i don’t need to change the scale of the object), now i go to the frame 20 , change one vertices position and apply a keyframe always with " I " and locrot. at this time i return to object mode, and try to animate but nothing move… :confused: :frowning: when i return from frame 20 to edit mode in object mode, the cube have the form i have put in the frame 20 but if i return to frame 1 the cube won’t change the appareance. what’s my problem?! i made some mistake or i have some sort of problem in the configuration of blender or pc?ty for help me and sorry for my english :o

P.S. i have installed the microsoft visual c++ library because if i want make an animation in avi format, when i select avi in the format panel, a window appear with a warning blender (or windows), can’t find the MSVCP71.DLL file i have downloaded this file from internet ( because the installation of the microsoft visual c ++ seems wont’ work aniway ),and put into the blender folder and at this time blender work fine for the selecting of avi format. but i don’t know if the animation problem is connected to this problem or if is a problem completely different. every help will be appreciated ^^

Animating the shape of a mesh (moving vertices around relative to each other). is a bit more complex than what you’ve tried. You can use hooks, shape keys, or lattices to do what you want. Read for more information.

ty XD it’s so simple…