Problem with sphere disappearing on twisted plane

Hello Blender fan!
I am a first-time blender user and was trying some things out with a twisted plane with spheres scattered (instanced) along with it. Though it was very easy and quick to do it turns out that my spheres disappear at some point along the plane surface. I want the sphere to stay above the surface of the plane and not go through.
See picture and .blend file attached.
So is there something I missed? Can anyone help me?

domain distort.blend (1.4 MB)

Thank you all in advance. :kissing_heart:

Use hair particles, they rotate with the face.

Thank you for your reply however I want to keep the spheres.

Interesting. What does a closer camera see?

Hair particle systems don’t need to use actual hair. You can select an object or group(collection?) To use instead.

Thanks for letting me know. I tried it but it’s even worse. The spheres aren’t evenly spaced anymore and I still have the same problem.

The Particle system set to hair is the right idea.
You will want to set the Number to the number of verts on the object, and then you will want to move the sphere in edit mode in the +Y direction so it will appear above the surface.

Also the reason the instancing does not work is that it does not take the normal into account, and so does not rotate the source object.

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It worked! Thank you for your time.
Just one last question if possible is there a way to create a camera path that follows one of the twisted vertices?

You can select and edge .copy it. Separate it from the mesh as a new object. Then convert it to curve. Then changing his nature to bezier.

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Thank you so much it worked.
Here’s a preview of what i tried to create. I will make it large to fit the frame and maybe less fast.

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Yes, indeed, it’s a little bit speed. Perhaps you should try an exponential acceleration.