Problem with Spin (lathe tool) -- I must be doing something wrong


I’m very new to Blender so I want to apologize in advance for wasting you guys’ time on something that is very probably elementary. I’ve been researching possible solutions though, and I must say I haven’t been able to find any… that’s why I end up posting here.

I’ve been trying to model an acceptable hourglass for a while now, using the Spin tool (or modifier, or whatever it’s called!) I have succeeded in doing that quite a bunch of times, but also had to start again quite a bunch of times because I had problems when trying to render (top and bottom were way too thick, hourglass renders black when curve is closed prior to spinning, etc.) In the meantime, while starting anew once more, I thought it would actually be intelligent to model some water inside both the glass ‘bubbles’ of the hourglass, so I could animate it with Fluid Sim later on. As I planned to render with Indigo, I followed whatever instructions they gave (for modelling a wine glass with wine inside, which is basically the same thing as I’m trying to do) in the manual (overlapping the liquid and the glass, modelling the meniscus, etc.)

Here are my curves (prior to being converted to meshes and being spun.)

Then I joined the two curves defining the glass body of the hourglass, converted that into a mesh, transferred both the curves-turned-into-meshes related to the liquids onto layer 2, spun the hourglass body, and tried to spin the liquids one after the other. Except that whenever I switched to Top View, it was impossible to see the curve mesh that was about to be spun, even with all the vertices selected in Edit mode (they are usually visible because highlighted in yellow…) I did spin both liquids without seeing them in Top View but again, the result of the spinning is only visible in Front View (as soon as I start rotating the POV, they just disappear…) I tried undoing everything and transferring the hourglass to Layer 2 while bringing back the liquids to Layer 1 to try and Spin them there (kinda following the stupid hunch that some stuff only worked on Layer 1). Didn’t make any difference…

The result is that when I render, the Glass body looks great, but the liquids don’t show because the POV of the camera is (of course) different from the front view… This is also true when in Camera View only (no need to render): I can’t see my liquids (and cannot select them) while in Camera View whereas they are there in Front View.

Here is my .blend file (which may hopefully help to identify the problem…)

Thanks for any help you could provide on this. This is really a mindboggler to me and I haven’t been able to locate any solution with a Google search.

Ari ;o)

hi, press n and look at the locy value of the liquid. itś 250 unit in the y direction, that’s why you don’t see it :wink:

Thanks Paulo! I don’t know how it ended up there, but you did fix my problem!

Ari ;o)

np, glad i could help :slight_smile: