problem with starting blender 2.49b

Hey there blender community,
I just started modding TES V - Skyrim,
I want to start creating my own armor model yesterday, following a tutorial, which uses tools to import Skyrim .nif files - this tool only work with 2…49b.
No problem until it comes to Blender.
Since Niftools only work with Blender 2.49b and I used this version on my old computer, where it works fine, until I got a new one 8 weeks ago. I never used Blender on my new machine and yesterday I downloaded blender 2.49b.
The newest version of blender works right for me, but it does not support the tools I need for modding skyrim.
I install it and try to open Blender. Here is the problem: blender opens, but there is only a grey window with the loadscreen in the middle, no buttons, grid etc, like in this picture

When I slide with my mouse over the grey window, for example where a button should be, this button appears, with this i can get the whole menu, so it looks like this

I hope someone can help me.
Sorry for my bad English and thx in advance

my computer:
Windows 7 home
Intel i7 3820, 3.6GHZ
16GB Ram
nVidia Geforce GTX680