Problem with startup file with two windows

Hello everybody,

I have a pc with Seven and two graphic cards nvidia 1060. I had to change and reinstall all my os last week since my old ssd crashed.

Since that, I have some problem with Blender . I use to work with two screens and my Blender’ statup file uses two separate windows.

Before my ssd crashed, the two windows opened without any difficulties. Sometimes , one of them froze and I had to close it but most of the time it was fine.

But since I reinstalled my os (with all updates) and my CG drivers (I tried the last version of drivers and these of last may and december) , it is impossible to make a startup file with the two windows.

When I first open Blender with the factory settings, I duplicate the window, change the interfaces and press ctrl_u to save the start up file. Then close the soft.

When I reopen it, I have a message in the consol “EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION” and it closes.

I tried with several versions of Blender (2.79b, 2.7, 2.78). I tried with 2.8 too but there is a problem of opengl 3.3 that I’ll fix later.

Do you have any idea of how to fix it ?

Thanks a lot