Problem with Static Particles

I’m not a very advanced Blender user, and I was trying to make a sphere of particles that rotates around someone in an animation. The only problem I have run into so far is that the panels all face the same direction, when I want them to face accordingly to the curves of the sphere. Can someone please help me?

that the panels all face the same direction

What do you mean by that?


Try turning on Vect in the particle panels. You give a slim description so I’m just guessing here.

Imagine a slowly spining sphere completely made up of panels that are not quite touching. I’m attempting to do this with UV sphere that has a plane made into static particles with DupliVerts. Unfortunately, all of the panels are parallel, taking away from the overall effect. I need to find a way to make the panels’ directions conform to the curves of the sphere. I tried Vect, but it just gave each panel a bunch of points, like they had been continually copied and rotated.