Problem with Stride Bone Animation

Hello, i have a problem with my walkcycle animation. i created a walking guy what worked fine. now i tried to let him walk anlong a path. Therefore i wanted to use Stride Path animation. The first step is correct but then the model slides away and i don’t know why. i double-checked with the blender docs and several tutorials. maybe i missed something, i don’t know. here is my .blend file: please help me. regards thomas

you need to set the dominant stride bone axis. Your situation calls for the y axis. It has to do with which axis you set your walk cycle up on.

To do it, goto the NLA editor. Press N in the NLA window. A properties box will pop up. Click on the Y axis under the stride path button and it should work fine.

Hope that helps:D

hello decius, i already set y as axis and it works fine. ther must be a problem within the animation of the Stride Root. After the first part of the animated walkcycle the bone suddently slides back and with it the whole character.

i can’t figure out what affects the bone. there’s no ipo i set. it probably only a tiny thing but i’m not seeing it at the moment. i give it a rest for now, tomorrow maybe it obvious to me.

thanks anyway

Hi Badtaste !
I believe that you have to increase the length of the animation in the transformation window (the window which opens when you hit N key for your walk cycle in the NLA.
By default, the length of the animation is the same number of frames as ONE walk cycle. You have to type the number of frames you want to be used by the whole animation to repeat the walkcycle.
For my own, I am trying to use the new animation system with Deform on a curve, and I have had a different problem: the character stopped after the first walkcycle… I have studied in detail the examples with Mancandy character, and couldn’t figure out what I had missed…
Finally, I found that the small icon like the NLA icon prensent in the NLA panel can be clicked and switches to the Action icon! If it displays the action icon near the name of the armature, the animation is played only the duration of the single action, instead of the duration of the NLA strip!