problem with subsurf

after doing add modifier -> subsurf there was something wrong with the head I was making. here the screenshot I made:
does anyone know this?

Hmm, maybe there is no face there? Try to make face with vertices out there.

But I do’t really know. .blend file would be helpfull.

Also, I see you are doing the subsurf face tutorial, right?
Nowdays tehre are easier and better metho\ds than shown in this tutorial.
There, you were suposed to duplicate the eye and fit it into the right side of a model
Now you can build the one half of the face and use teh mirror modifier…

If I’m talking too much forgive me :rolleyes:

I couldn’t make face on the empty places because there was already 1. I tried the tutorial twice but without succes.
The tutorial might be a bit old. Does anyone know a newer face modeling tutorial?

Edit: nevermind, I found 1;). Thanks for help