Problem with Subsurf

Not sure if this is in the right bit or not…

I’m trying to do some character modelling and having issues with the knees… don’t have a clue what I’ve done…

This is what they looked like… what I had was up to the top of the knee… I created another cylinder and did the calf then attached faces and put an edge loop in to connect them… this is what they look like subsurfed… no idea what has happened!!!

any clues as to how to sort this?? I went through and checked normals and that there was no extra verts in it…


goddammit!!! I know what I did now… I managed to cap the cylinders!


<EDIT>Never mind, I see you’ve found the problem :wink: </EDIT>

Hmm… try checking the Crease value, should be at 0 unless you added Creasing. Although Creasing usually shows in pink, it might be acting up and not displaying, you never know. Other than that I can’t think of anything, since you’ve already checked Normals and duplicate geometry.

If that doesn’t help, then maybe one of the more knowledgeable Blenderheads around here could shed some light on this thing :slight_smile:

cheers bud… I sorted it cause when I was filling the gaps in I’d managed to add faces on the end of the cylinders so took em out and it’s sorted!