Problem with SVG

I am creating an SVG logo from the following tutorial:
However, whenever I export my SVG into Blender, it just makes a blank collection. Please help.
This is the SVG I am using.
Esports G Logo copy
Hmm For some reason it is not showing up…


Hmmm… I thought I’d try to post a SVG I created a while ago using Affinty Designer and it seems to show up here okay.

Perhaps there is something wrong with your SVG.

What are you using to create the SVG? Adobe Illustrator?

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I used photoshop to make the SVG. Maybe it is a problem using photoshop? Here is my PNG file.

I am not really sure how to follow the tutorial.

I ain’t no expert, and I don’t use Photoshop at all, but if you tried to post the SVG version of that PNG image here then, yes, it may well be a Photoshop issue or that you are not properly exporting the SVG from Photoshop.

Could you try attaching the SVG file here, and the PSD file too. I can open both in Affinity Designer and have a look at what you have done.


andy :slight_smile:

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Alright, so I cannot be sure this is the issue, but I would start by saying, photoshop is a bitmap application with some vector capabilities while illustrator is a vector program with some bitmap capabilities. Photoshop was not designed for vector work and although I can’t say it is the problem here, I have seen it have issues before, so why stop with blender? to maximize compatibility use illustrator and if you are still having problems then see if you can tell me the exact SVG version and settings you used to export the SVG in illustrator.

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Esports G Logo copy This is the file.

That file is dead empty. Try it in illustrator.

I already used up my free trial of illustrator though.

Have you tried Affinity Designer? I think you get a ten day trial. I forked out for that instead of Adobe Illustrator because I don’t use it enough to justify Adobe’s subscription charges.

Then there is Inkscape which is a free vector graphics program.

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yeah try affinity designer like @synkrotron suggested or inkscape is free. you really need a vector drawing application

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Yeah I am not sure how to change the SVG like the tutorial tells me to.

The problem isn’t blender side. The problem is export side. Photoshop just can’t do it, at least not the way your doing it. A vector drawing app like inkscape which is free will do it just fine.

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Which OS are you using?

This seems to be an issue with your SVG exporter.

Hi @Logimite :slight_smile:

It may help if you explain where you are starting from.

The logo that you posted above, is that something that you made yourself in Photoshop? Or is it something that you found online?

If you did make it yourself and in Photoshop, how did you create it? Because I have never used Photoshop I do not know how it works. @ThorntonStrolia mentions above that Photoshop is a bitmap application with some vector capabilities so I would like to know, did you use Photoshop’s vector functions to create your SVG file?

Or did you create it as a bitmap (raster) image? And then did you try to convert that to an SVG file using a tool within Photoshop or as a “save as?”

I suppose I should ask, do you know what a SVG file is, or about vector graphics in general?

And another question worth asking is, what do you consider your Blender skill level to be?

If you have a good quality PNG file then you could use Inkscape to convert that to a vector graphics image and then save as a SVG file. Here is a video I found that help to explain how to do that:-

The conversion process may go well, but when I tried it using the JPG image you posted above Inkscape struggled creating vectors around where the most acute angles are in the logo.

To be honest, I found it easier to drag the image into a vector graphics application and then trace over it with vectors. As I mentioned above, my preferred vector graphics application is Affinity Designer and I created this SVG file in about ten minutes or so:-

some logo

It looks very small here, and I left it like that on purpose to demonstrate that you can scale it up infinitely without any pixelation.

Okay, now on to Daniel Krafft’s YouTube video which explains how to “Turn ANY Logo into a 3D Neon Masterpiece”

First of all, I am familiar with that particular YouTuber and I find his stuff inspirational. But he works very fast and I personally think that some of his videos are not totally suitable for beginners.

What inspired you to follow that particular tutorial?

The reason I ask that is, for the most interesting part, creating the “3D Neon Masterpiece,” you don’t even need a SVG file. You could simply create some meshes from curves and then follow on from there. The reason that Daniel uses a SVG file is because he already has one which he wants to make into a fancy 3D rendition.

Okay, I’ll leave it there for now as I have to dash…



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I actually am not a beginner and have been doing blender for 2 years. I am just not familiar with importing 2d objects. Thank you for the reply.

Ah, okay, thanks for letting me know.

Will that SVG I posted be of any help?

I actually cannot test if it will be of help at the moment since I am in school. After I get out I will test.

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I did a small program that “repairs” SVG to import them into blender