Problem with symmetryze bone

Hi everybody,

whyle trying to create my first rig 1 thing when wrong I don’t know why I started to model the character and to rig it facing the wrong way, it means with the front facing the side (don’t know if I am clear).
Anyway I manage to rotate everything facing Y global axe like when you normally add a new mesh (like the monkey for example) and the problem is that after rigging the left arm I wanted to symmetrize it, but the symmetry axe doesn’t work anymore, because it symmetrize facing the camera and not on the other side. Dont’ know if I am clear.
Is there a way to fix this? If I try to copy and past pose flipped in pose mode it works, but is the symmetry when I add new bones that doesn;t work (inside the same armature, if I try outside, then it work).

help please :slight_smile:

Rotate your armature facing properly (for a character, feet pointing in negative global Y.) Apply rotation (probably from ctrl-a menu in object mode.) Symmetrize. If needed, rotate again and apply rotation.

Hey Bandages,

you saved me so much time. Thanksss! It worked. next time I will not forget to start rigging from the right axe :slight_smile: