Problem with tank Traks

(Patrik) #1

So i have a problem with those traks to tank. i want to rotate them but it is only going to make wierd shape.

(Patrik) #3

here is how i did it. every time those traks aren´t where they should be adjust it with key frame

(edgel3d) #4

I placed an answer to this on Blender Stack Exchange. If you’re still interested I’ll dig it out from the archives. Blend file and the original text.

(Patrik) #5

If you want to you can

(edgel3d) #6

The link to the original answer in Blender Stack Exchange is -

The Blend file is there and downloadable also. This was done on version 2.7x so it may not run on 2.8. It should. I’ll add an extra video with explanatory pointers… Hope this solves your problem.