Problem with text artifacts

I recently discovered a problem, I have been working on a computer away from home on blender making a text animation. However in the word “monkey” that i have on the “M” i have a huge artifact, but this only happens at my home computer and not at the offsite one. I was wondering why that is and if there is anyway to fix it, because it is extremely visible and looks terrible.
Any help is appreciated:)

Is this the same file on both pcs? Are pcs the same, same os, drivers, video card?
Anyway, see this video and check on forum’s threads mentioned there.
Hope helps.

Well the file is on a flash drive and no theyre different computers could that really be the problem? Sam os though.

Does it happen on rendered pics or in 3d view? Different video and drivers might be the case for some shading modes in 3d imho.

Are you using a custom font? Try doubling the font size. Sometimes if you have a bevel, it can fail on certain letters with tight corners.

@eppo it happens in both sadly.
@Atom it is in a custom font ill try that and see what happens.

okay this may be a larger problem it seems that everything is also offset of the way it is supposed to be on the other computer everything is moved around…What is happening?

Create new, simpler one. If that behaves, post here.

Hmm it seems like im a bit at a dead end then because the client in working for wants it exactly like the way i have it, which is actually pretty simple its just a regular type of text. I’ll try something and update you guys later depending on if it works out or not, but thanks for all the help.

For client work, I never rely on any program to reproduce a font exactly. Just type it in illustrator and create outlines. Then Save As a SVG file. Bring the SVG file into Blender and the curve will still have the extrude/bevel capabilities. You do not need to change the copy of the font over time do you…?