Problem with text!

Hey everyone! I’ve got a problem again!
I’ve got a actor in my game, two planes which are used as text and an object (a sphere) which can be picked up by the actor!
One of the planes is set to “int”, so the value(number) of it can be changed.
The other one is set to normal text, i believe it’s “string”.
Both planes have the property Text (or else the text won’t be shown right?)

Now comes the problem - when my actor collides with the sphere i want the value of the int to raise by 5! I’ve tryed creating a collision sensor on the sphere connected to an property actuator! But it doesn’t work! I guess cause both planes have the property “Text”! Can anyone help, please??
I’d be so glad if someone could! Thanks 4 reading!

Your problem isn’t very clear, some more information would make it easier to find an answer.

How are you trying to change the property on the plane when the actor collides with the sphere? Are you using a message sensor and actuator, a copy property actuator, or something else?

Second, when you say it doesn’t work, do you mean the property doesn’t get changed, or it doesn’t get displayed?

If you could post the .blend file, or even a screenshot of the logicbrick setup that would be helpfull.