Problem with text


I’m back on my game and I’ve a very strange problem.

I’ve got different planes with text in a scene. They are not linked except that they use the same font. When I’m in blender, everything is OK. But when I run the game in blender, the vertex colors of some planes change and are replaced by the one of other planes! I’ve tried numerous things and sometimes, it’s a strange rotation that is applied to some planes.

As you can see in the file, on the leaderboard, “1.”, “x3”… should be in black, but when I run the game, they have the same vertex color then the text in front of the camera.

When I add a new plane and put a text on it with the same font, it either mess with the text on the leaderboard or the one in front of the camera.

If I delete the text in front of the camera, everything gets back to normal.

I really don’t understand. If you have an idea…