Problem with Text

Hi everyone, it’s #BlenderDude again!

Just got a question about text… I’m creating a western-style game and have downloaded a nice western-style looking font. But I have some problems with the text. The ‘C’ as seen in the picture1, is messed up. If I play the game it looks normal(as seen in picture2), but if I extrude it and then change it to a mesh it looks like this:



Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, #BlenderDude.

It’s a face normal problem. When it’s a mesh, select it, go to edit mode, select all and press ctrl+N

I tried it, but…

It turned out like this. Is there something I might be doing wrong?

its probably a calculation fault from blender.

can you post the text blend?

Here it is: Download
It’s not the the one above, but it’s likewise.

Leralasses, if you could help, I’ll appreciate it.

You need to make the faces in the “C” more fat. :slight_smile:

dont know how to automatically fix this, but you can do this stuff yourself in edit mode:

(also try removing doubles - removed like 20k verts at default value)