Problem with texture and build modifier

Still getting used to v2.62 after using 2.49 for so long… but this one has me baffled.

Trying to create an animated strip of ‘film’ that enters the frame and wraps around a green disk.

Have animated a path with a thin besier curve to act as the ‘film’ then i used a build modifier to animate the wrap but every time i add the build modifier for some reason the ‘image’ texture of the film strip messes up… anyone have any ideas??

No other options have changed except the adding of the build modifier.

If you can attach the .blend file, everyone will be able to help you more…

Sure, attach the file but the first thing that comes to mind is I wonder if you have sorted your faces prior to assigning a UV map? The work-flow I would try is to sort faces of film strip, assign UV mapping then apply modifier.