Problem with texture paint

I am making a Mask and need some skin on it. I use 3 pictures, one for color, one for specularitie and one for bump.

Now to my problem: If I paint on the images in Blender, they get corupt and are not recoverable. but in gthumb thy are shown with inverted color!

I use Ubuntu and the Blender from there repository.

are the images in tga format?

have you tried tga format images?

the texture paint features in blender are very poor. You’d be much better off using another app for 3d painting, or even not doing 3d painting and doing your textures in photoshop

make sure the extension is correct, and good policy, is to save the file before you save the texture painted image, then don’t save again after. that way blender doesn’t get confused with which image it has loaded. but check to make sure that you have the output extension correctly, because it saves in whatever format you have set in render buttons, not the format of the loaded image.

I first tryed png but it wanted to save as jpeg, now I know why!

I will give tga a try.

I just need to paint the outlines, the rest I do in GIMP :wink:

Thanks, it works now with tga but I don’t know why it did not with jpg %|