Problem with Texture

ok I got this character I made and set the UV and colored it and what not. (I made the cloth’s as a seperate Mesh then when I was done with it I Joined the Cloth’s with the Body). But when I load the Image, The Cloth’s look fine but when I look at the Head, Arms, and Legs they don’t look soo good. 1, I can see right through them, it looks as if it textured the inside of the Arm’s, 2 When I Press the P Key the Cloth’s have texture but the Head, Arms, and Leg’s dont. it’s just grey. And when I go into that mode where everything turns white for UV texture whatever. Cloth’s are White and Body Parts or Grey.

How can I solve this!!!

Here are some pics I hope Help Solve the Problem.

Before Render

After Render

Try Ctrl+N. Looks like you have a problem with normals.