Problem with textured material that receive shadows...

Hi. I was just rendering some random thing yesterday when I ran into a little problem.

You see, I was rendering this semi-transparent cube that sat on a plane with a normal texture to make it look like water and I noticed that the cube’s shadow didn’t ripple with the texture, yet it’s reflection did…

If you look at the example of an ordinary cube in the attached file, you’ll see that the shadow look’s way too straight. Any way I can fix this?



Subdivide your plane and use displacement mapping instead of normal mapping.

rawpigeon is correct. A normal map only changes the surface normals, which are used to compute reflection. The way a shadow lays depends on the actual geometry, and is independent of the surface normal. Using a displacement map like rawpigeon suggest actually changes the geometry of the surface, so you will see it in the way the shadow lays.