problem with textures viewport shading

hi there,

I’ve got a problem with the shading when in textured mode. some of the objects are shaded correctly and some are not. this seems to be totally random. even if I remove all materials from the specific object the texture is still there although there is no material applied. the picture shows that problem.

the cubes at the ceiling are shaded correctly. they do not have a material applied. neither have the chairs but they are shaded in a somewhat white mess. I can’t figure out the problem. the floor is the same. no materials are applied to the lowest part of the floor but I can still only see the brick texture that was applied with UV mapping before.

the scene was created in blender 2.49 but it is the same in 2.5x. does anybody have an idea?

For the chairs you have UV unwrapped them but have no texture applied to them in the UV image editor, add an image or delete their UVs
For the shaded cubes it looks like you haven’t uv unwrapped them so they show correctly without a texture

Hi Richard,

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately that’s not the problem. I have never unwrapped the chairs for UV mapping, also there is no UV map that could be deleted. I have attached another pic. Maybe I am looking in the wrong place?