Problem with textures while rendering

Hello! I have made a character in Blender. I have applied all the textures etc. onto it and it looks fine to me. But I have a problem while trying to render it using the camera. The problem is that the texture is stretched all over the body as one picture. This is how it looks:

and that’s how it looks without rendering it:
Why won’t it render the textures properly? Thanks for the help in advance :wink:


Have you set the mapping coordinates for the material texture to be UV ?

Yes. I have done that and this is the result:

As you can see this still didn’t help.

Link to blend file and texture ?

Texture Blender File

Any idea what the problem is?

In your blend file your texture is not mapped to UVs as I asked in post 2

When this is changed I get the attached image when rendered. I needed to adjust the position of the lamp as you’d positioned it so the front of the model was not lit.
In the Image Sampling panel I also turned off Interpolation to give the correct pixelated effect in the texture

Ok. Thanks for the answer. I’ll get it fixed and I’ll learn int he future what to do next time this happens. Thank you :slight_smile: