Problem with Textures

We actually have a problem with adding the textures .Basically we are trying to create a inclined plane .So first we have added a cube and added the textures and when we execute the game the cube is shown in the textures that is selected. But to make the inclined plane we do extrude and also delete some faces then when we assign textures to the extruded part and execute the game then that part is not shown only part of the cube remaining is shown

Sorry, but I didn’t really understand what you mean, but I guess that the face normal(s) are pointing in the wrong direction. Check them (you can make them visible in the ‘edit buttons’ window): Are they pointing outside (meaning towards the camera) or inside?

calc normals outside: control+n

usually for game meshes I turn of double sided (edit buttons). this makes the back side of the mesh black, and it will not be visible in the game engine (unless you make those faces double sided)

there is also calc normals inside, control+shift+n

the normals determine which side of the face is visible in the game engine