Problem with textures?

So, after a long while, I got the inspiration to do something cool with blender. (More on that on a separate thread…)

Now, I’m running into this piece of problem: the textures have wacky transparent squares in them which change according to your viewpoint. This is only for models with textures, and the model which I have selected does not have those transparent squares.

Thanks in advance.


A .blend maybe?

it’s probably a “wrong normals” problem?!
Enter “Edit mode”, select all vertices and do Ctrl-N to “recalculate” them!

^ Don’t think it’s a problem with normals, I notice it goes away itself when I quit Blender then reopen the file… All textures go like that when I map a new texture to a new model…

Edit: Also, Ctrl-N didn’t help… I seem to have this with all blends I do. Not a problem in render, only in GE and an annoyance when working with the textured models.

it looks very much for a GraficCard problem.
Get the up-to-Date drivers, for all of your systemparts, mb this helps.
what would prove this, if u have another pc, or mb one of ur friend, check it out there, if he has same problems.

Some cards have problems with blender, my old GC was unable to handle the sculptmode for example.

greets equal