Problem with texturing


I have created a sort of robe type of clothing in Blender for my model. I have added an image for the texture of the bottom half as you can see.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about when i add the same image for the top half of my robe, obviously because the different size of the mesh.

I’m just wondering if there is any way that I could use that image or so for the top half, to make it look like the robe is 1 piece - editing the image somehow. I could add another image and settings, but I don’t think it would look right if they weren’t matching.

Any suggestions?

Appreciate help.

for precise texture positioning and layout, UV maps are the way to go.
and the next few pages give an overview. Someone else can give a better tutorial/specifics as I don’t use them myself so much.

so, just to understand correctly. your saying that i can use the same image and use a UV map and use it for the top half of the robe?


a UV map is a 2 dimensional mapping of the 3d mesh. by aligning parts of the UV map with an image in the UV editor, you position that part of the image over the corresponding faces in the 3d mesh.

again, though, someone else could probably explain the ins and outs of it better than me.

alright, thanks very much :slight_smile:

does anyone have any tutorials for this? or could explain further?

appreciate help :slight_smile:


A good tutorial for beginning UV Mapping is this tutorial on BioRUST. For a complete reference of UV Mapping, have a look at the “Painting and Texturing your Mesh” section in the BlenderWiki Manual.