Problem with the appendNurbs function

I posted a lot of messages on the bf-python list with no answer and a bug tracker too :

I hope this will be corrected soon.

I had a look and this function is a bit dodgy, it dosnt even check the values in the list are floats.

Have you had a go at fixing it with your own builds?

This worked well until last May, 23.

In fact, it seems that this bug has been added after the blender 2.44 release.

The next release was supposed to remove bug not to add new one.

appendCurve accepted a tuple of args but passed it on to a function that expected a single arg from the tuple rather then the tuple its self

  • in short changing the methods definition flag Curve_appendNurb from METH_VARARGS to METH_O fixed it.

You are the best : that works fine now.
Thanks a lot, big chief !