Problem with the aspect of a mesh in a realistic head modelling


i’ve got a (nother) problem in a realistic head mesh modelling.

The aspect of the surface of the mesh is strange…Crap…I don’t how to solve this problem.

Here’s some picture of this head. i have to precise that the work is not finished! :smiley:

So, which modifier & techniques do you advise me to use?

Here’s my project made with the 2.6 version.

Thanks a lot!


On your Blend, you have the model that is duplicated , so you have 2 models on top of each other. Not sure if it is intended.
For the black shading when in smooth display, it’s because you have some faces that have inverted normals (you can see them too if you change Solid View to Textured View), happens a lot when modelling.

To fix, in Edit Mode, select the whole model and press CTRL+N (or Mesh->Normals -> Recalculate Outside).
Works the same for 2.49b for fixing your problem with inverted normals

Thanks a lot, i’m gonna check it at home! 2 meshes on the top of each other? I did not realize that 2 models were stacked…and how i made it!!!